Friday, March 25, 2011

Senses Fail

Melodic Hardcore band Senses Fail hit the ground running with their debut EP "From the Depths of Dreams" and kept the vibes going right into their first album "Let It Enfold You" and they still haven't stopped. 
Buddy Nielsen delivers every cruel, but unusually clever, lyric with a lot of passion in every line he sings, and the rest of the band keeps the sweet cutthroat aura alive and well through every song. They include plethora of amazing guitar solos in each album. With lyrics ranging from suicide to revenge to religion, illustrated with unique references and metaphors, each album is a cruel glimpse into the songwriter's mind. Their musical style varies from the brutal "Choke on this" to the disturbingly relaxing "The Priest and the Matador" to the energetic, and with a noteworthy guitar solo, "Sick or Sane." 

Recommended Album for New Listeners: Still Searching (2006)
Author's Favorite Song: Calling All Cars

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  1. Calling all Cars is also my favourite keep it coming :)

  2. A blunt passion? Never heardit put like that before. I would have said you can feel the passion in every line he sings.

  3. Thanks a bunch :)

  4. I'll be sure to give them a listen later on today :D

  5. Very good, ill definitely download the album.

  6. They sound pretty good. All albums on queue. :p Good blog, following.